Menti Giovanni family winery was settled by Menti Giovanni  at the end of XIX century in Gambellara. Giovanni started to work volcanic soil and cultivate garganega grape, fruits, legumes and vegetables destined for his own family needs.

After Second World War, his son Antonio started to take care of management, improving the quality production of grapes, and started making dry and even sweet wines.

In 1964, his son Giovanni also called Gianni, who started bottling Gambellara, Recioto di Gambellara e Vin Santo di Gambellara, around 70’s, officially substituted Antonio.

Since 2002, Gianni has been working together with his son Stefano , who has been immediately interested in biodynamic agriculture.

In 2004 the company started organic conversion of all vineyards (even  without certification) and started building part of now days sales structure for national distribution.

In 2010, the company started to work in line with biodynamics which gave great quality results to all steps of production process, and during the following year the company started the organic certification process.

In 2012, after ten years of membership in “Gambellara wine producer association”, Stefano decided to leave and do not produce d.o.c. wines more.

In the same year, exports in Japan and United States started.

Currently, the world demand has been increasing continuously and it is possible to reach Menti Giovanni‘s products in below countries:

Alberta, Australia, Austria, Belgium, California, Colorado, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Florida, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Illinois, Ireland, Japan, Massachusetts, (the)Netherlands, New York, New Jersey, Ontario, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Poland, Quebec, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Texas.







With the help of biodynamic agriculture in the vineyard, spontaneous fermentation and natural stabilization, we produce and bottle the following wines:

Omomorto 2018

Sparkling wine, Brut, made by Durella grape.


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Roncaie sui Lieviti 2019

Fizzy natural wine from garganega grape. First and second fermentation with natural yeasts.

€ 14,90

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Riva Arsiglia 2017

White dry wine from garganega grape, cultivated on black rock volcanic soils vineyards.

€ 20,68


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Riva Arsiglia 2018

White dry wine from garganega grape, cultivated on black rock volcanic soils vineyards.

€ 18,80


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Monte del Cuca 2018

Orange wine, from Garganega grape.

€ 29,40

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Monte del Cuca 2019

Orange wine, from Garganega grape.

€ 26,70

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Albina 2018

Sweet wine from dried Garganega grape, fermented and aged in oak barrels.

€ 35,20

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Vin de Granaro 2008

Sweet balsamic wine, obtained by dry gently Garganega grape and fermented in small oak barrels, placed under the winery roof.

€ 61,90

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Dolce della Tradizione

Natural sweet wine, spontaneously refermented in the bottle

€ 29,00

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Visit Menti Giovanni family winery and:

  • walk among the vineyards (weather permitting)
  • visit the old tower where grapes are being dried gently
  • visit the natural icebox of the tower where nowdays sweet wines are being aged in wooden barrels
  • visit wine making and logistic cellar
  • taste the wines produced in winery
  • taste local food combined with wines (on request)



MENTI Giovanni
famiglia di viticoltori in Gambellara

  Via Dottor Bruzzo, 24
Gambellara (VI) – Italy


  335 5949349

Coordinate GPS
Latitude: North 45°27’45.363″
Longitude: East 11°20’4.447″

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