Albina 2018


Sweet wine from dried Garganega grape, fermented and aged in oak barrels



Albina 2018

Grape variety: 100% garganega.
Soil: volcanic hillside in Gambellara Classic area.
Harvest: by hand at half of September.
Wilting: the grapes are allowed to dry gently in well ventilated rooms in an old tower from the 1700s for a period of 6 months.
Wine making process: after having detained the sweetness desired by the wilting, the grapes are pressed down at 2 bar for 8 hours. The juice obtained is about the 20% of the original fresh fruit weight. It is fermented in old allier barriques and stays inside for a period of 10-12 months. Often the stabilisation occurs naturally. Afterwards it is filtered only once and it is bottled straight away.
Bottle sizes: 0,75lt
Bottles produced:: about 1.200.

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