Omomorto 2018


Sparkling wine, brut, made by Durella grape



Omomorto 2018

Grape variety: 97% durella and 3% garganega.
First vintage: 2006.
Soil: hill grounds of volcanic origin.
Average vineyard size: about 30 years.
Vineyard size: 1 Ha.
Yield: 80 quintals/Ha.
Harvest: the grapes are hand-picked at the beginning or middle of October in small crates.
Vinification: in the cellar, the grapes are destemmed and pressed with a 0,8-bar pressure. Fermentation is brought forth by native yeasts, and without the use of temperature control. The wine is then left in the tank, for at least 7 months. Afterwards, Albina grape must (from dried garganega grapes) is added, and starts the second fermentation in the tank, solely with native yeasts and natural sugars. The wine is then bottled without sulphites.
Ageing: the wine ages in the bottle for a while, laying on its yeasts, then it’s disgorged by hand and topped up with more Omomorto wine.
Bottle size: 0,75lt.
Bottles produced this vintage: around 4.000.

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Wine without added sulfites