Vin de Granaro 2008


Sweet balsamic wine, obtained by dry gently Garganega grape and fermented in small oak barrels, placed under the winery roof.

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Vin de Granaro 2008

Grape variety: 100% garganega.
First vintage: 2004.
Type of wine: balsamic sweet wine, still.
Soil: hill grounds of volcanic origin in Gambellara.
Average vineyard age: about 60 years old (first vines planted in 1935; most recent implants in 1985).
Vineyard size: 5,5 Ha.
Yield per hectare: from 60 to 90 quintals/Ha.
Drying process: The grapes are hung to the ceiling beams of well-ventilated drying rooms in an ancient 1700s tower, using the Venetian method called picaio. The grapes are then left to dry for about 6 months.
Vinification: After the drying period, the whole grape bunches are loaded in the press, and then pressed for 8 hours with a constant pressure of maximum 2 bar. The resulting grape must (yield of about 30% of the original weight), is fermented with native yeasts in the barn, at the top of the grape-drying tower, in non toasted oak caratelli. Because of the temperature fluctuations, the wine alternates fermentation periods to oxidation ones.
Ageing: From 6 to 10 years in non-toasted oak caratelli. The wine is bottled non-filtered.
Bottle size: 0,375 lt.
Bottles produced this vintage: 395.

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Wine without added sulfites